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Music Composition and Songwriting E-Zine, Issue #001
November 05, 2008
Dear Subscriber

This is my first e-zine, and I'm pleased that it is a real doozey, packed with wonderful treats for you.

First off, I promised you access to insider reports, and you can now download my special "Hands-o-Music Inner Sight Singing Mastery Report" Here: (7.8 MB)

The report will show you the basics of my Hands-o-Music Inner Sight Singing Music Reading Method, which takes you down the road of being able to "sing" the music you see on your head...and then you can either sing the pitches with your voice or play them with your instrument! It's really the simplest path I could figure out to increase confidence in music reading, and it's really fun to learn!

Next, and this is a biggie, I'm offering my Unleash the Songwriting Genuis in YOU Beta Mega Bonus Pack for only $15 right now. It enables you to download all three of my eBooks:

How to Write YOUR Songs Down! Sight-Singing for the 21st Century Become a Better Songwriter Guaranteed!

and that at an unprecedented 84% discount!

Why? Because I am developing a new product that will combine all of my techniques currently scattered in the books, and I want your opinion. Once you've made your purchase and evaluated the products, just let me know what you think at your leisure by contacting me here.

To get your Beta Mega Bonus Pack, just click the buy link below:

Buy "Unleash the Songwriting Genius in YOU Beta Mega Bonus Pack" Now! (only $15!)

I'm looking forward to your feedback, and I wish you the very best for your musicianship and future!

Sincerely, Dainis W. Michel

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