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Make 2010 Your Year of Musical Awesomeness!
December 31, 2009


In watching my students and eBook customers grow in their musicianship, I figured I'd ask you how I can I help you make 2010 your year of musical awesomeness?

I wish the very best for you, my students, my readers, and if you let me know where you are and what you want...I can help you. :-)

2010 ain't a year for mediocrity, it's a year for fun, blast-offs, serene rests, good sleep, and mega adventures (if that's your bag). Or just relax.

Whatever your plans...I would love to know how I can help you musically...

You can reply to this email, but can you copy me at as well, I'm not always sure the reply email to this newsletter works...

Cheers, a tip of the glass to ya to ring in an AWESOME 2010!

Smiles from Vienna, Dainis

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