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If you've ever struggled to sight-sing perfectly, then this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won't want to miss...

Get ready to scorch your competitors and smile as you leave them in your sight singing superstar dust...

Imagine breezing through your part in choir or singing away at practice...even if you've never heard or seen the song before! If you're a music student, imagine acing your aural skills tests...

For adults, children, beginners, and advanced musicians...this method works.

Yes, you absolutely, without a doubt, can learn to sight sing flawlessly, and I can help you do it...

If you act will lock in the training and attention you need to "hit sight-singing home runs" every time!

From: Dainis W. Michel

Dear Future Sight-Singing Superstar!

Over the next few weeks, an idea that has been percolating in me has finally come to the forefront. I will be launching the website, and you have the rare opportunity to not only get a jump start on the phenomenon, but you also have the chance to save a good chunk of change too.

What will it feel like when people start following you at rehearsals instead of you needing to follow them?

Dainis W. MichelIf you've been confused or disappointed by other methods, then my method will straighten everything out, and my new "Sight-Singing Superstar" program will unleash a tsunami wave of sight-singing superstars onto the music scene...and I want you to be one of them. :-)

A bit about me: After over 10 years of trying just about every sight-singing method available, I developed a method that integrates with all available sight-singing methods and works for all styles of music.

Now you can learn to sight sing. can...


Now, there are reasons why you can't sight sing as well as you'd like, but...

Real reasons include:

If you want the information that will make sight singing easy for you, no matter what your level, no matter what methods you have or haven't learned in the past...

Then Sight Singing Superstar is right for you.

I'm so excited about what we'll be doing. You'll experience things like:
Faster is better and better is faster. This system is both faster and better and I can't wait for you to try it.

Musicians have been sweating for this solution for centuries...

and this solution has cropped up in various times in cropped up with Guideo d' Arezzo in Italy about 1,000 years ago...and the ancient Egyptians used these secrets as well.

I want to teach you to become a sight singing superstar, and I can't wait.

Basically, I help people access the "underlying gridwork" of music. If it's sight singing, songwriting, or solid musicianship skills, I've developed a system that gets me these kinds of thank you notes:

...fantastic resource for musicians...

"Around 3 months ago, I stumbled upon Dainis' website when looking for resources on composition. I sent him an e-mail asking about his book "How to Write Your Songs Down", wondering about its content and If I stood to gain anything from it, being a student at Berklee College of Music. He replied telling me that I should indeed give it a go.

I used this book to supplement my studies at school, and after completing it, I have nothing but good things to say about it! Firstly, let me assure you that the content in this book is extremely well written and thought out, appealing to both beginners and experienced musicians. To some, I am sure that the exercises inside will appear incredibly simplistic, but do not be fooled by this! These exercises are both unique to this book, and I can say firsthand that they are quite effective.

A key component of this book is, obviously, writing your music down by hand. I cannot stress enough about how important writing music down by hand in some way is. Before reading this book I worked entirely in a computer for my notation, and only wrote by hand when it was absolutely necessary, but after applying this book to my musical actives, and doing some research on how the human brain acquires and processes information, I write everything down by hand before entering into the computer. The result is that I make far fewer mistakes in every composition and feel like I have a much greater control over everything that's on the page.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Dainis for his incredible caring and kindness for fellow musicians, and for writing such a fantastic book. I dearly hope that as time goes by, this gets the recognition it deserves as a fantastic resource for musicians who want a jump start when it comes to composition.

Akash Thakkar (Berklee College of Music Student, Boston, Massachusetts)"

Student email

"Hi Dainis,

Fantastic! Thanks for sending some notes and the video recording. I will look into all the Solfeggio systems you talked about, and see how they work for me.

Thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, look forward to next week.


-- James in Australia"


"I am truly impressed with both the quantity and the quality of the information in "How to write your songs down" by Dainis W. Michel. There has been a tremendous amount of work into this project and the result is a stunningly simple explanation of song writing techniques.

I have had an interest in writing down music that I've "made up" since I was very young but until I read Dainis W. Michel's book I could never write it down quickly enough to make sense. His notation method takes all the difficulty away and allows you to concentrate on the melody and rhythm of your piece.

I love the way this book starts with doing, it really motivates you to want to do more. Your notation method is extremely easy to use and makes perfect sense. The music clips that come with the book allow you to understand better because you can hear as well as see what is being explained.

The exercises in Chapter 4 are amazing too! They really help with counting beats and timing. You can actually feel the rhythm as you do the exercises.

The Hands-o-Music on page 59 is such a logical progression from the clock, it's so simple to build on what you're learning. The diagrams make it so clear you cannot fail to remember the techniques.

This is a book that you can start at the beginning and work your way through or that you can dip into at whatever point you need help. The clickable links to sections of the book and external sources that help to build your knowledge are so helpful.

The thorough research that has gone into the preparation of the book shines through and Dainis' enthusiasm for his subject pours out of the pages. This is a book that I will be going back to again and again. "

-- Lesley Pinkett

My system helps people sight sing (read music right off the page), it helps them compose, and it helps them play single-note melodic instruments (like lead guitar), and you can then continue on and improve polyphonic playing...on any instrument.

I created the system out of my own dilemma as a "natural musician," and I needed to improve my musicianship skills quickly, cuz I was late in the game on the academic "trained musicians" scene.

I mentioned that this "solution" has popped up various times in turns out, that with my new "hands-o-music," I created a new "Guidonian Hand" of music, and that Guido de Arezzo, the monk who created the original "hand of music" about a thousand years ago, had his peers seething with anger, because with his simple, powerful, and easy to learn methods, his choir could learn music so much quicker and perform it more beautifully than theirs.

Further research shows that my system as well as Guido's system find further roots in how the ancient Egyptians taught music.

So, I happened upon an ancient ancient secret, and if you like, I can teach it to you.

To make sure you understand that I am talking about getting you on solid footing with your sight singing, you can review the following...

Reading Rhythms

You'll learn syllable structures that make your music fly!

Here are two counting methods that help you put your rhythms on rails. No one likes sloppy rhythms.

4/4 counting method

4/4 Counting Method

One e and a Two e and a Three e and a Four e and a

9/8 Counting Method

9/8 Counting Method
One ti ta Two ti ta Three ti ta

With some simple structures (which I will share with you), you'll go way beyond these simple examples...and you'll blaze through your rhythms with hot, laser-like, tight-but-relaxed, loose-but-precise dynamic and flowing joy!

I bet you can't wait...I'm so excited to be able to share this information with you!

Reading the Notes

Now, a lot of people have trouble with this one, and if you've read this far, you deserve a treat. Because I used to be a crappy reader and a hopeless "narural musician," I understand how frustrating reading "dots on the page" can be. Because of that, I teach you how to use logical, easy methods that ingrain the musical notes in your mind...before you sing.

That's why this system is guaranteed to make sight-singing into a total breeze for you, or your money back, no questions asked.

The notes will leap into your mind before you even sing them...that's how powerful this sytem is...

Introducing The New Guidonian Hand

It's OK if you don't get this right away. Sometimes it's the easiest stuff that eludes us...and I've found that sometimes this feels weird to some people, because...well...powerful stuff sometimes just does feel first...

...just check this out to see if you can sense the "underlying gridwork" of music coming through to least partially...

...cuz I want you to be very comfortable knowing that, if you join me, you are going to be a friggin Sight Singing Superstar!

OK, to help train my musicianship, I developed a new "Guidonian Hand," which I call the hands-o-music. You'll find that you can sing any scale, any mode, and eventually any any order...if you stick with my new Hands-o-Music.



I created a single-syllable system for each note, so instead of having only 7 syllables (which then don't really take into consideration the remaining 5 notes), or having 35 or more syllables (singing note names) -- you have a single syllable for each note, which leads to only 12 syllables.

...can you feel the "aha" moments coming?

I really can't teach you the whole thing in a short web page, but I can show you that I relate the "hands-o-music" to our very own 12-hour wall clock.

Reading the Notes Becomes as Easy as Telling Time...

The "hands-o-music" are a representation of ALL OF THE PITCHES available to mankind, and you can make sense of them just by looking at either your hand or a regular clock or analog watch... again, I don't expect this to just POOF make sense to you, but if you like efficiency, if you like learning accurate information quickly, if you like saving time, money and effort, and if you want to make sight singing into a breeze for you, then consider my super "Core Student Special."

And Guess What?

I just combined my system with movable and fixed do! This ain't no chump-change floofy blip on the timeline of music history -- this is a GAME CHANGER!

Core Student Special

What I want to give you:

...and I'd like to give you these three eBooks as gifts just for giving this a shot.

eBook Cover

Sight-singing method eBook Cover

$39 Value
$39 Value
$15 Value

...even if you decide to ask for a refund on your CORE STUDENT SPECIAL, I will give you the three bonus eBooks as gifts just for trying. As good as my system is, I don't claim that it will work for everyone, and if you want a refund within a year of signing up, just ask, keep the eBooks as your special gifts, and we can part as friends...I'll have done my best, and I'm sure, so will you...

Now, if you'd like to become a CORE STUDENT of Sight Singing Superstar, and be taken care of...for life...then consider the following...

Berklee College of Music (check one of my testimonials above) charges $995 for courses like non-credit Basic Ear Training 1.

OK, so, to give you lifetime access to an online learning platform and community that will ensure your sight singing superstardom, I could easily charge $1297 or more. I am not knocking Berklee at all. Great school, great courses, great teachers, great service, great reputation...enroll there, if it interests you.

And, just like Akash did above, use me as your "secret weapon" to ace the cr*p out of your classes.

Or, if you're not really up for spending a grand on one course, and you just want to become a blazingly awesome sight singer, then, it would make sense for me to charge $697 for lifetime membership.

Now, what I would like to offer you might shock you...

I want to build a group of CORE STUDENTS, and I don't care how old, young, experienced, famous, unknown, quirky, educated or uneducated you are. I also don't care where you live, what your gender is, and what style of music you like.

What I do care about, is making you into a sight singing master for life.

That's why I'm not even going to charge $397, for lifetime support...all the videos that I'll be creating...even the 3 30-minute one-on-one sessions

These skills give you powerful control of your sight singing so le me be the teacher that gives you the breakthrough you've been yearning for...

That's why, for the first 25 CORE STUDENTS ONLY, you can gain access to me, my upcoming Sight Singing Superstar learning platform for only..


So save yourself the struggle and embarrassement and...

P.S. You have 30 full days to evaluate the product.

P.P.S. This special is limited to 25 students only, because I simply can't take on any more than that to build up this core class. You'll be getting my personal attention, but umm -- you'll need to practice. Also, if you try to purchase and all of the spots are taken, I am very sorry, we can put you on the short list to let you know when we can take more students.

Money back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied, just ask for a refund. It works like this: we engage in our first lesson and if you don't like it I send you your money back on the spot. You either like it or you don't.

You ever had a college course where if you don't like your teacher you can just get your money back? You've got that with me -- i NEVER keep money from anyone dissatisfied with my work -- ever.

Now I don't like getting played so if you want free info and want to just scam me out of my time, please go away!

But probably, if you've read this far: you just want to rock your sight singing and become a sight singing superstar -- so really -- let me show you how!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


So, there's no risk, and what you stand to gain cannot be measured in terms of money. Click on the "Click HERE to Order" button above to get started right away...sight singing superstardom awaits you!

Cost: $197 for the first 25.

Closed therafter until further notice

Dainis W. Michel


Or just buy this eBook: