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Warning: You might just become an all-out expert at SightSinging if you decide to buy this eBook...

Sight-singing method eBook CoverTurn Sight-Singing into a JOY instead of a PAIN

Learn to Sight Sing NOW!

This eBook gives you the critical information you need in order to be able to sight sing.

Imagine breezing through your part in choir or singing away at church...even if you've never heard or seen the song before! If you're a music student, imagine acing your aural skills tests. For adults, children, beginners, and advanced musicians...this method works.

What will it feel like when people start following you at rehearsals instead of you needing to follow them?

If you've been confused or disappointed by other methods, then my method will straighten everything out.

A bit about me: After over 10 years of trying just about every sight-singing method available, I developed a method that integrates with all available sight-singing methods and works for all styles of music.

Now you can learn to sight sing. can...


If you are not 100% satisfied with the eBook "Sight-singing for the 21st Century" simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Why You Can't Sight Sing

(please disregard if you read magnificently...maybe you're a teacher looking for resources for your students!)

As I've mentioned in my online articles, there are reasons why you can't sight sing, but:

Real reasons include:

This eBook is for you if:

Wherever you sing, at church, in choir, with your group...sight singing helps you impress everyone around you...and you'll feel incredibly satisfied that you've mastered a skill that very few musicians can do well.



"Easy to access and great fun to read, these books are a must for the serious songwriter. Dainis' insight into the artist's mind is exceptional!"

-- Emily Sanders, Songwriter


Of course, sight-singing is not just for songwriters!

The ability to sight sing is an amazing, useful, and incredibly satisfying skill...I urge you to take action now.

With my money-back guarantee, your purchase is completely risk free.

At $15.00, this is a steal.

Please stay in touch and let me know about your results!


December 14, 2007

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