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Write your own sheet music!


Are you interested in writing your own sheet music?


You're in the right place.

This is a short article on some of the things you'll need.

First off, let's isolate three categories

Simple enough, right?

Let's talk about genre, if you want to write a simple lead sheet, you'll be up and running fairly quickly. But, you'll have to put in the work, and you'll have to understand the concepts involved. You will be able to teach yourself, if you like, or you can get help. If you want to write piano-vocal music, and you're not intimitely familiar with the instruments involved (voice and piano) you have a bit more work ahead of you. And whoah! If you're interested in arrangements or orchestral works, or more "complex" pieces with lots of instruments...well, then you're in it, as I am, for the "full-meal deal" as a composer.

Let's start with the simple lead sheet.

Basically, you need to be able to do a few things.

  1. Isolate the meter, tempo, and style.
  2. Write out the melody.
  3. Place chord names where the chords change.
  4. Label the sections and notate the repeats.

Throughout, you'll need to know the basic rules of music notation.

Learn how to write your songs down

The more "involved" the musical work you wish to notate, the more you'll need to know...and the more important it is to be secure in the basics.

More later.

If you need a hand with anything, try posting at our forum, or get in touch for one-on-one online lessons!