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Music Composition Projects

Here is a list of Dainis W. Michel's music composition projects. Should you be interested in participating in one or more of the projects, or having one of the project works performed, please contact me via my online contact form.

Doctoral Project

The teaching of music composition DVD series...
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I completed a work called "Saxofugue" in 2003, under the direction of Prof. Erich Urbanner. The piece blends baroque and jazz elements...
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A Way with 18 Pianos (Composition)

I envisioned a composition for 18 pianos in 1994, and had a 3-piano version performed at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign that same year. Since 1994...
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New Rock-Pop-Rap Album titled: Get Political

More information via personal contact.

I have several other exciting new music projects, yet I will post those after I've secured copyright protection.