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I completed a work called "Saxofugue" in 2003, under the direction of Prof. Erich Urbanner. The piece blends baroque and jazz elements, which, in my opinion, have considerable similarities.

In my lessons with Professor Urbanner, we discussed the meaning of the word "fugue," and we also used the interpretation of the German "zusammenfügen" in order to rationalize and give conceptual structure to the work. The piece was performed in Professor Urbanner's 2003 Klassenabend at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Wien.

Concept: development of a website and composition competition for other composers to join in and write saxofugues! The site will provide a forum for composers to discuss what, in their opinion, a saxofugue should be, and it will eventually sell a series of "Saxofugue" CD's.

Saxophone manufacturers will be contacted for sponsorship, saxophone ensembles will be able to compete for placement on the albums, saxophone music publishers will be able to sponsor the project, and saxophone-related links and information will be placed on the website.

Depending on popularity, the saxofugue composition competition would be held every two to four years.