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The teaching of music composition DVD series

The project has now taken shape as a cooperation between the University of Vienna, and the University of Music and Performance Art in Vienna. My doctoral advisor, Professor Dieter Torkewitz, and I are searching for additional partners and investors, to make sure the project receives the level of professional attention it deserves.


Currently, because each interview would cost an estimated 12,000 Euro, the creation of the DVD series is on hold. I am now planning written and telephone correspondence.

The completed work will then serve as a project map for the future DVD serires.


The interview is separated in two parts: a "theoretical" discussion, and a "practical" portion, each lasting no more than 2 hours. The theoretical discussion is a series of 10 themes with questions, and the practical portion is an opportunity for each composer to present, display, and record an aspect of their teaching method in a manner of their choosing.

Professor Erich Urbanner, for example, has chosen to give a forum discussion on the process of making musical quotes into a "composer's own" musical material.

Composers who are in consideration, or who have already expressed interest in participation:

Letters were sent to all of the above composers in 2005, yet responses are not available from all of them. Although their participation is sincerely desired, it is possible that some of the mentioned composers will choose not to participate. Please do not consider the above list a list of participants.

Below, you will find a list of the questions I will be asking in the interviews. They will, of course, be in English, for English-speaking composers. The DVD project is planned as a bilingual German-English project, and may be translated into other languages by outside groups.

Interview Outline

1) Tradition

2) Sinn/Qualität

3) Lehrer-Lehre

4) Student

5) Enstehungsprozess eines musik Stückes

6) Aufführungspraxis/Umgang mit Musiker

7) Geld, Karriere, Erfolg, Kompromiss

Für einem Komponisten, vier Stichwörter, was fällt Ihnen dazu ein: Geld, Karriere, Erfolg, Kompromiss?

8) Publikum, Gesellschaft, Verantwortung, Öffentlichkeit

9) (Mystery topic)

10) Catch-all/Botschaft