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Why do I compose music?

Dainis W. Michel Answers...

Music allows me to translate more than just an inner world. Not unlike language, where contemplation of where thoughts come from yields a deeper connection with oneself and the universe, music is a way for me to access and present a deeper intelligence that simultaneously comes through me, resides in me, and is available to all of us. The musical result always shows: "you are more than you think you are because I am here."

From a personal perspective, then, music allows me to explore and share the correlations, characters, and energies in my intuitive inclination that I am more than I think I am because of a greater consciousness.

Seeking and awakening my inner abundance, health, curiosity, prosperity, and of course, joy, becomes worthwhile when I share the journey, which I can do sonically through music composition, and when I feel others, I would say, travel, in their own journeys, by my having revealed my journey to them.