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Songwriter education

The education of a songwriter never ends. There's musical competence and there's life experience. No life experience, and your music is often fluffy or empty...No musical competence, and you tend to try to hide that.

With this page, I'm reaching out to those just starting out in songwriting, and to those who've made millions of dollars in music, but who are interested in improving their skills.

You can be a successful songwriter and not know how to "write" a song down.

You can know how to notate song, but be unable to either market your songs, or unable to write songs that appeal to people.

To help you in your personal education in songwriting, I suggest you take a look at where you are and where you are headed. You can do that in my Free Online Music Composition Lesson.

Click here to take a free music composition lesson online.

You can find a coach, or a teacher. You can get a degree. Most importantly, you can enjoy the ride!

I highly recommend being able to write your own songs down.

Click here for more information on learning how to write your own songs down.


Here are some websites and programs that may help you in your songwriter education: Berklee Online Courses Online Songwriter Education Resource Composition and music resource Songwriter Resource