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Learn Music Notation

It's great that you are interested in learning music notation. Learning to read and write music gives tremendous advantages to both hobby and professional musicians.

Imagine you did not know the alphabet and could not read a book, a newspaper, or the words on this web page. You would miss out on a lot of knowledge, understanding and fun. If you can not read music notation you are really in the same situation with regards to music. You miss out on an incredible amount of what music has to offer and of potential for yourself.

From Music Notation 1 by Michael Furstner

So, why not learn how to read and write?

Learn how to write your own songs down now!
To become a superior songwriter,
learn how to read and write!

Learning music notation is:

"something that any and every serious musician needs."

From A Guide To Reading Musical Notation by David Hodge

Here are a few excerpts from great article by Jamie Andreas:

Let's examine some of the reasons why a person might adopt a belief system that says "it is a bad thing to learn to read music, at least for me".


So, it is very common, especially in the beginning stages of being a musician, to decide to play the "I am a natural genius who just picked up a guitar and played like Jimi Hendrix" routine. The musician playing this role has decided they are the "romantic, inspired artist".


It is very important to grow past this little game. If you do decide to make this image a part of your professional career (as many artists do) you must at least stop believing your own hype. If you don't, you will not move yourself into contact with the resources and situations that exist to help you grow and develop.

From Why Should I Learn To Read Music? by Jamie Andreas