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How to notate music

Congratulations for your interest in how to notate music. You are on a rare, but wonderful journey. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take one's sonic imagination and codify it in notation.

You are likely a brave person, and I salute you.

It can be difficult when one wishes to express oneself fully, competently, and coherently.

You make up stuff, and you want to copyright it, share it with other players to they can play, record it, make it permanent, etc.

You may be interested in notation because you feel that it completes your musicianship. If you like, share why you are interested in notating music at our forum.

If you are interested in learning how to notate music, I recommend my eBook "How to Write Your Songs Down!" While it is intended for songwriters, the principles in the text can be applied to any musician wishing to increase musical literacy and proficiency.

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