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My Success Plan Blog

This is where I am going to share my success plan blog with you. One of my succes targets is selling a minimum of 50 copies of my eBook called "How to write YOUR Songs Down" on December 7th, 2006.

The plan on the left was initially written on November 20, 2006. Adjusted targets are added on the left side in color. Summaries of real results are on the right!


Nov. 20, 2006

Today's plan

Finish this success plan blog thing, even if it's a bit sparse, then move on and spend 3 hours on content for the eBook itself. I might not be able to get around creating audio for the eBook...which will necessitate a software solution for creating the eBook file itself.

Personal Dedication

I am dedicated to provide people who purchase my eBook with value that goes beyond measure in monetary terms. If measured, however, I dedicate myself to a minimum of providing a value of 10x more than the purchase price for any one of my products sold to anyone ever. That means that my eBook "How to Write YOUR Songs Down" provides each purchaser with lifetime benefit. I won't be the judge of that, my audience, students, and customers will!

eBook creation Plan

I own Acrobat 4.0, which promises to embed audio files, but mine just won't do it! Rrrrg. It's tough for me to finish writing the eBook, because I don't know the technical specifications of what I'm writing for/to/with. I'd like the result to be a PDF file, and not another eBook reader.

I'm working on addressing the eBook creation issue on SBI's forum:

eBook creation How-to

My worst case scenario is that I just write the eBook without incorporating audio at all. Basically, I would love to:

a) give out free samples that expire.

b) turn off eBooks if they are stolen

c) allow for "email to a friend," however the friend gets the free version.

d) sell upgrades

Music Permissions

Gain permission to reprint multiple scores from multiple sources. Also an affiliate income opportunity.


Current Situation

See my Goal Thread at SBI!'s forum. If you would like to gain visitors' access to SBI's forum, just drop me a line using my contact form.

eCommerce and Marketing Situation

You can view my questions focused on how to create a 2-tiered Affiliate Marketing structure.

SBI 2-Tier How-to

Gardyne 2-Tier How-to

eBook creation Results

I don't have a satisfactory solution for creation of the eBook yet.

Music Permissions

I have permission from one publisher to use their printed music


Nov. 21, 2006

eBook Content Day

Eve -- Run Value Exchange emails (especially if I feel the eBook is above 90% complete). Go for: inbound links and folks with Newsletters/mailing lists. Make them the offer to give them $9 per eBook sold through their lists.

If I don't have an adequate response on my 2-tiered Affiliate Marketing structure questions, then I may need to postpone my emails. In that case, I'll dedicate some time to figuring out which eCommerce solution I will use, and thereafter I'll run the emais.

Music Permissions

Send music permissions follow up emails. Send thank you email to Voggenreiter. Call some publishers and make a call and email plan.


November 22, 2006



November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving! Woo hoo!

Wow, did we have a nice Thanksgiving! Hope you did too...if you celebrate thanksgiving, that is. Friends, family, and good times. Wonderful!

November 24, 2006

Have a) eCommerce solution b) sample PDF for review by Similar Content Site Owners.

Last day for Value Exchange Emails


November 25, 2006



November 26, 2006


Getting there. Got through the Value Exchange list today. Checked about a billion websites, sent 7 emails. Didn't use SBI's Yes/No mailing thing, because I couldn't figure out how to get in and customize the email. Sure, I can change the data a bit, but I mean writing exactly the kind of email I would like.


Instead of a sample PDF, I created a few files on my website that show where I'm headed. I'm facing a challenge with the PDF file, since I'd like to include audio, and I don't have a software solution yet. I think I'll use Acrobat 8.0, but I need to get onto a machine that will let me install it.

November 27, 2006

Have a solution for eBook delivery. Buy the software or use the trial. Acrobat 8.0 would be great, but it won't run on my machine...the install process isn't working and neither is Windows Update. May need to purchase other software.

Working on content.

November 28, 2006

Wow, so many people with great lists take me up on my offer! Cool, looks like at least 10,000 people will receive an offer to purchase my eBook!


November 29, 2006



November 30, 2006



December 1, 2006



December 2, 2006

This is's a great eBook day for me! Everything is coming together very well...finishing touches.


December 3, 2006

Sunday: A day off with my wife!


December 4, 2006



December 5, 2006



December 6, 2006



December 7, 2006

eBook release date!

Minimum 50 eBooks sold within 24 hours! That's the goal!