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About Dainis W. Michel

Who is this composer fellow and how is his name pronounced? In English, the best way to say it is just to say the name of that great show "Dynasty" and leave off the "ty." It means "man of song" in Latvian.

Dainis was raised in a diverse Chicago neighborhood speaking Latvian to his mother and German to his father. Dainis is simultaneously Latvian, American, and Austrian. Growing up as a hungry young boy, Dainis experienced culture and race through his stomach. Hyde Park, Chicago, considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world, served as an ideal place for Dainis to befriend children of almost every origin.

Dainis attended Kenwood Academy, where he particularly enjoyed playing on the football team.

After high school, Dainis attended the Minsteres Latviesu Gimnazija, in M√ľnster, Germany. At the time, the school was the only educational institution in the west with instruction 100% in Latvian. Returning to the United States to attend the University of Illinois, Dainis found a surprisingly large group of his grade school and high school friends there, and he enjoyed and continues to enjoy the rich world view presented to him by his multi-ethnic, poly-religious, and many-hued group of friends. Dainis earned a double degree in English and Rhetoric with a Russian minor and coursework concentration in music, graduating with distinction.

After graduation, Dainis created several musical projects and worked as an Information Technologies consultant in Documentation and Training. Eager to start his own business and pursue music composition, Dainis established himself as a successful independent contract computer trainer in the Chicago area. Able to teach three days a week and earn close to a full-time salary, Dainis attended Columbia College, where he became the recipient of the Albert P. Weisman award for his album, Bloom: "Global Rock!"

After a search that spanned the entire United States, Dainis found Butler University in Indianapolis to be a warm and helpful place for him to pursue his Master's Degree in Music Composition. Dainis taught Computer Literacy at Butler, drawing on his extensive experience in IT training. Dainis developed the C-MOM method of Software instruction, and developed the CL101 Workbook used by his students. While earning his Master's Degree, Dainis held 2-3 jobs simultaneously (Computer Literacy Instructor, Webmaster, Computer Lab Assistant, Entrepreneur).

Dainis is currently pursuing post-graduate studies in Music Composition and working toward a doctorate in "Musikwissenschaft" (Musicology), specifically researching "the teaching of music composition" at the Universtity of Music and Performance Art, Vienna. He is working as a conductor, composer, entrepreneur, and private music composition teacher.

Here's my arts resume, including a list of works...look out, there's some German in there! Arts Resume