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Are you a composer or songwriter seeking inspiration? Would information, books, tools, issues, etc., all revolving around the theme of musical inspiration or inspiration in general be useful to you?


This page will grow and provide more and more resources, but for now, I'll offer a bit of a contemplation.

Think about "inspiration," think about it in the context of a breath, not an "idea."

How does a breath work?

There's: inhale --> convert --> exhale.

That translates into: inspiration --> conversion --> expiration (not as in "this orange juice is past its expiration date, but as in "out" - piration!)

Where does that take us? It makes me think that maybe, if you are seeking "inspiration," you may actually be "inspired," but the process of converting that inspiration may need attention.

For example, you may be inspired by a number of emotions, issues, topics, situations, stories (real and imagined), heck, you may even be inspired by, of all things musical material!

What's your "realization" of the inspiration you are seeking? Is it a performance, is it a score, is it both?

How are you doing on the "conversion" side? Some say the conversion relates to "talent," I'd have to say, I'm not too sure about that...however, knowledge, skill, instruction, guidance, and experience sure do help move the "conversion" process along!

May you be inspired and may you convert that inspiration into your envisioned result!

March 14, 2006