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Music composition and arrangement services

My music composition and arrangement services are unique. I'm not sure if I really believe in competition, because other people will meet other needs; they may be specialists, they may be generalists, but they are unique. The most important factor is your satisfaction. It's important that your sound logo, your commercial, your film, your song, your arrangement, your competition piece, your avante garde ensemble piece, your treated with the utmost consideration, the utmost respect, and the utmost commitment to a spectacular result!

In that regard, I'd love to hear your needs. Just drop me a line and I'll give you a free quote.

Read on to find out more about my music composition and arrangement services...request a quote for everything from orchestral arrangements to original songs, from simple notation services to solo performance pieces...

In general, I am providing my own personal services at this site. For larger projects with strict time constraints, I may assemble a team for you.

I specialize in songwriting, song arranging, and modern avante garde composition. I can bring out the "coolness" in a song or a work. I generally search for a "drive" or an emotion, something that has a particular resonance, or a particularly deep "connection."

I enjoy working on:

If you are looking to have a song written for a movie or a T.V. show, I'd be glad to look at your concept. If you have a worthy product, I'll look at writing a jingle for you.

Film Composition

I specialize in "true" composition, which is a bit different than "film composition;" yet, if you are looking for music for a film, my education and artistic direction may be an advantage for you. Given an emotional circumstance in a movie or a scene, I can create appropriate music for you.


If you are a soloist looking to commission a work, then please contact me right away. I have a fun three-step process designed to bring out your best performance! Great for competition pieces!

My Values

I care deeply about the societal worth of the "moments" I participate in, and I will only consider artistically and societally worthy projects. Humor, is of course, exceptionally valuable!


Here are some score thumbnails and MP3 files. All of the works I've listed are my own! I compose everything from rock-pop music to ultra-modern (but, in my opinion, totally cool) avante garde music! I thrilled to be able to present my pieces to you here. If you have comments about the underlying values that come through in my music, I would very much appreciate receiving them.

Of course, I'd be glad to correspond with you about your project and your needs.

Rock-Pop Music

Here is a bit of a "preview" of my album, Bloom: "Global Rock!"

Global_Rock_Preview.mp3 (6.5 MB)

You can read more about the album project, the award the album won, and hear some more samples at Very very soon, you'll be able to purchase the album there too, enjoy!


Saxofugue explores Baroque and Jazz elements in one composition. Music history outlined all in one jammin', funky, proper, and sweet fugue!

Saxofugue Page 1


Saxofugue Page 2


Surrounding Flutes

Wow! The piece "Surrounding flutes" has 6 flutists surround the audience. It is a fusion of hip-hop and jazz elements, composed using a strict 12-tone process...sliced up...with one exception per section. Can you believe this is 12-tone? Surrounding Flutes MP3 (around 12.5 MB)

Surrounding Flutes Page 1

First Symphonic Essay

Here are two pages from the orchestral piece I wrote for my Master's Degree at Butler University in Indianapolis under Dr. Michael Schelle.

Symphonic Essay page 38


Symphonic Essay page 39

Coming soon

I can't wait to upload what I happen to think is the world's coolest Jingle Bells arrangement ever! Come on back for that one! Also, I'll be posting more audio samples soon as well.

Feel free to request PDF files or other audio samples, as I can email them to you directly.

Last updated March 26, 2006