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Inspirational Brainstorming

So you're here to do a bit of inspirational brainstorming for your next music composition eh?


What makes you mad?

Seriously, what makes you really f-ing mad?

Anyone make you mad recently? Anyone do anything that makes you mad?

What about our air, water, soil, natural resources, peacefulness? Happy about all of that?

Isolate the components of the anger.

Now convert it. Convert it into a piece of music. Dispell the anger. Let it become something beautiful or beautifully ugly. Charge your lyrics with rage...but help others release their rage as you release yours.

Release it.

Release it into the musical work and shape it.

Let it become beauty.

Breathe, relax. Take your time. If the above has stirred some emotions, just ride those emotions and maybe come back another day. Love the opportunity to release yourself and others. Be at peace.

Another take

Here's another angle to finding inspiration.

Be silent. Be silent for as long as you can. Feel joy. Feel incredible joy. Drink in the joy as if you were sucking it into you. Let yourself float, rise.

Think about things that make you feel joy. Think about happy things, happy times, happy days, great weather...anything...good times during bad weather. Kisses, hugs, tearful goodbyes when maybe you were sad, but you actually felt overjoyed that someone cares so much...about you.

Think about when you've been cared for...if you've been neglected, let that sear through you...let it go out, then concentrate on the happiness, on the joy.

Wish others well. Wish the planet well. Wish. Wish deeply and fully. Refrain from any forced musical thought. Don't push, open. Open yourself. Receive.

Allow yourself to sketch...if necessary. Be silent, keep going back to joy. Bring yourself into joy.

Then just wait. Do absolutely nothing. It will come.

March 14, 2006