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Snappy Note-Syllable System

Are you looking for a snappy note-syllable system that you can apply to any music lessons?

This graphic shows my snappy note-syllable system depicted on a piano keyboard.

It might be tough to read at this resolution, but you can see that I show each Sharp, Flat, NoteName for each note ( left out B##/H## and E##, though). I show the appropriate number in Integer Notation, along with the single syllables I developed to be able to sing the numbers. The syllables are: oh, one (uhn), two, thee, foh, fah, sih, sev, ei, nah, ten, and lev.

It's possible that another musician, or music theorist may advocate singing such syllables...or that you might be vehemently against it...or just kind of curious and not really for or against it. Hey, just drop me a line. Better yet, once I get my forum fixed, let's discuss it there!

If you are looking to improve your musicianship, songwriting, or composition, I suggest you read all of the articles in the Education section of this site. You'll start getting a picture of what I'm advocating.

Pretty soon, I'll put together a nice, high-quality package for music educators who wish to apply and benefit from my method.

--Dainis W. Michel
November 21, 2006