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Are you looking for the Hands-o-Pitches (also known as the Magic Hands-o-Music) developed by Dainis W. Michel?

The use of the hands as an educational tool to aid sight-singing and musicianship has quite the tradition: Check out this WIKI article on Guido of Arezzo, along with the article on the Guidonian Hand.


Are you looking for a straightforward system that can help you with any instrument?

Well, here they are, the Hands-o-Pitches, here for you, authorized and legal, straight from the "inventor," for FREE. With practice, you'll be unstoppable!




As you sing the note, use the syllable of the Note-number and touch the correct Note-number with your thumb or with your other hand. Soon, you'll be flying through your intervals with ease!

Wow! You can learn how to write your songs down when you apply the lessons in my eBook "How to Write Your Songs Down!"

--Dainis W. Michel
November 21, 2006