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Many of us find ourselves creating. We "make" something, we "write" something, we "convert" our inner world, or the exterior perceptions that come into our inner world...into song...into something that extends to the outer world, something people can listen to, accept, reject, or simply enjoy.

Learn how to write your songs down now!

One of the most valuable things my mother-in-law ever said to me is: "everything has its song, even the little buggie, and the car door..." Yes, she is right, everything has its song...each and every computer keyboard, even monitors.

Ever since one of my computer monitors just decided to stop working on me, the "song" of my current monitor somehow is associated with relief for me. It goes "ktick---guunnnng-----kuh," and I say to myself "ahh, it's working..."

Everything sings. The street, the wind, the planes. And sometimes things, animals, people, sometimes we cry. That is also a part of our song. We cry in sadness, we cry out for help, and we let out a battle cry to resound in unity and fight...together. Songs can divide, and they can unite.

Everything sings.

As songwriters, then, we aren't unique in that we sing. As a matter of fact, we are plain. We are merely doing what everything around us is doing. So what makes us special.


We find it somehow important to capture the moment, to present it, to package it, to communicate it.

In general, songs have lyrics. Words. Meaning.

Music transports the meaning, music accompanies the words.

Sound, I've learned, is the most direct link to our subconscious minds. Songwriters then, have a good chance of transferring their words to the minds of their listeners.

Quite a responsibility. Quite a joy!

So, beyond marketing, business, and other important tasks, with regard to the actual process of songwriting, we basically have two things to work on, our song (ourselves), and our writing (the codification of our song).