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Are you looking for the happy clock-o-tones, developed by Dainis W. Michel, designed to help you understand, play, sing, and enjoy music more fully?

If you've read some of the other educational material on this website, you can start seeing where I'm going with this...the clock = the magic hands-o-pitches. You put the clock onto your hand, and then you blaze off into a whole new world of musicianship.

More complete information is available in my first ePublication called "How to Write Your Songs Down."



See how you can show any scale on the clock? That's pretty nifty. One clock...all the notes, all the scales, and all the modes. Cool!

Check out the clock-o-tonez accessorized with the dazzling mode wheel.

--Dainis W. Michel
November 21, 2006

Interested in applying to clock-o-tonez to your musicianship? I invite you to purchase my eBook called Learn how to write your songs down, it's great!