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A Way with 18 Pianos

I envisioned a composition for 18 pianos in 1994, and had a 3-piano version performed at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign that same year.

Since 1994, I struggled to realize the score, and I was not sure how I could manage the performance. However, over the last two years in Vienna, after instruction with Professor Kurt Schwertsik and Professor Erich Urbanner, I have now completely realized the vision for how the score should be, and how the performance will work.

18-pianos.gifI have completed the first 3-4 pages of the score, and the rest of the composition is sketched out. The piece utilizes the numerology of "peace" and "war" and it surrounds the audience with live music. I am very happy about the piece, and it would be wonderful, to be able to complete the composition and have it performed and recorded here in Vienna.

Again, it may be possible to arrange sponsorship from piano dealers, and to charge admission for the concert, which would reduce the total need for investment. If a piano manufacturer takes a liking to the performance idea, the work could be performed around the world at piano stores and piano exhibitions. The work is intended for pianinos, and it is intended to "celebrate" the sound quality of whichever pianino manufacturer chooses to sponsor the composition and performance.