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by Assad Raza
(Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

Hi Readers! I am Assad from Karachi, Pakistan. Have 750 Lyrics and more than 600 compositions. I tried alot alot and alot to make my song's video and audio album coz of no financer/sponsor.

I do sing but I always compose my own lyrics, funny thing is listeners says that I have talent but a serious thing is I have no regular support so I start my music journey.

Here I am, to search If any one here to understand and to support me in music, I am doing a job to run my life but not a amount in order to start and establish my music.

Again if some one feel that He/She may join me or can support me so please contact +923452310749 OR

If you guys fell that what I wrote is all useless, so I regret and sorry that you wasted your time Have a nice Life :)

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