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How to notate songs

Hi, This is piled together tech support request I have in to Finale. I will be updating this site to make updates easier soon----- I have Finale 2004 for PC, and I'd like to cross grade to Mac with an EDU version. I am finishing up a doctorate in Vienna Austria, and would like to know how to make the purchase. Next, I am starting to do vocal arrangements for popular songs, and I'd like to help my choir members learn their parts faster and more easily. Also, I'd like to be able to do the transcriptions more quickly, and I have something in mind. Here it is, but I'm not sure if this works: I import the video or just the audio and it plays. I can tap out the rhythm or somehow teach Finale where the measures are, so that notes input via MIDI line up with the audio exactly. Then I have Finale's notation abilities to do whatever I like, which would be AWESOME! I may even do an overlay of the scrolling feature on one track...and amplify it a bit...and overlay that over the video...and poof: i have a choral study video per part...created very easily. Cool huh? Even if it's just over the real audio...and I can just match up the beats...then I can do very well. However, if I do something like then, I just really don't want to go in tinkering around with the speed and all kinds of adjustments, just to get the MIDI to match up with the pre-existing audio. So, if it can work with "just audio," then grabbing a screencam of scroll view and overlaying that with a music video would be a piece of cake. However, as "all in one" as this can be...well...the better. I mean, GarageBand imports videos. That's how I made: And you can play midi instruments in Garage Band...but does Garage Band have any sense at all of where "the beat is" ... like "where is the barline? OK, well...can this be done with Finale, and if not, what do you suggest? Best, Dainis W. Michel

To learn how to notate songs, I recommend my eBook "How to Write Your Songs Down!"

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